Let’s celebrate 2023’s biggest wins! We want to thank everyone who supported Ascend in 2023 and helped us transform lives. View our top ten successes from 2023 as we move into the new year.

1. Center Opening

In October, Ascend opened the doors of our first center-based service location in Denver, Colorado. Kiddos can now learn and develop in an environment tailored to fit their needs.

Denver CO ABA Therapy Center

2. BHCOE Reaccreditation

Ascend received the highest accreditation with the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, the international body created to meet accreditation needs specific to the delivery of behavior analysis. This exemplifies Ascend’s belief in delivering only the highest quality of therapy to our clients.

3. Clinical Advisory Board

Ascend launched a board of leading experts in the field of autism to further enhance our providers’ expertise and provide insights into measuring outcomes through their combined extensive experience and understanding of ABA therapy. 

4. 9/10 Client Satisfaction Survey

We conducted a survey amongst our clients, which revealed that an exciting 9 out of 10 would recommend Ascend to family and friends. It is a privilege to provide our clients with life changing care and this rating reflects our mutually positive experiences.

5. Family Mental Health Expansion

In 2023, Ascend expanded our groundbreaking Family Mental Health Model to meet each of our clients unique needs through a holistic approach.

6. Telehealth Clinical Team

In the new virtual age of constantly changing needs from our clients, Ascend has created a Telehealth Clinical Team to extend the accessibility of our services. We believe all children should have access to any and all healthcare services they may require in the context and environment that most suits them. 

7. Employee Satisfaction Score

Ascend strives on a daily basis to create a great workplace for all employees and our team’s dedication to this goal was reflected in an impressive net promoter score of 59. This score ranks Ascend as a top tier organization in the area of employee satisfaction.

8. Expanded Diagnostic Testing

In 2023 we made the decision to fully expand diagnostic testing throughout our markets in response to the growing needs for our services. 

9. Upgraded EHR and Core IT Systems

Ascend initiated a full-haul upgrade for both our Electronic Health Record and core IT Systems to provide the best experience for our clients and partners. Creating a seamless virtual experience allows both our team members and the families we serve to focus on what matters most, the kiddos.

10. Investing Within

At Ascend we believe our most precious resource is our employees, so in 2023 we established a Jr. Leadership team to expand opportunities for growth and skill sets by offering multiple routes for advancement both inside and outside of clinical treatment.