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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the general questions we are most frequently asked.

Does Ascend accept my insurance?

Ascend works with most commercial and medicaid plans throughout our service areas. Contact a Care Navigator today to answer any questions you have about your insurance coverage or to find out if your plan is accepted in our network. Connect with us to get started.

How is Ascend different from other ABA providers?

We are early intervention ABA providers dedicated to building a foundation for lifelong learning and success, for your child and your entire family. Through Ascend’s Family Autism Care Model, you can expect:

  • A play-based, individualized ABA program in your home designed on your child’s unique strengths and intervention needs
  • Parent training and family support built into your child’s treatment to help you implement changes and grow
  • A team of experts there to address your child’s learning needs with goals designed to impact your life for the better

Not all approaches to ABA are the same. We offer a unique method of ABA treatment, one that includes goals specific to the broader needs of you as a parent, addressed by a BCBA and mental health professional. Why? Because you are your child’s biggest supporter; not just today, but long after our treatment has ended. By supporting your needs and providing the right resources to you while your child is receiving their own targeted services, we are helping to give you the tools you need to be your child’s strongest advocate and ensure that you are cared for as a caregiver. Our ABA is centered around empowering both you and your child to reach your goals together!

Are your services covered by my insurance?

We are in-network with most major plans, including Medicaid. If you don’t see your provider listed on our coverage page, please contact us so we can work with your provider to create an individual solution. Find out how we partner with you to understand your benefits and guide you through the process.

Which service do I start with first?

Determining where to start in this process can be overwhelming, but we can help! Look below to see which of our services can best assist you today!

My child has been recommended for an autism evaluation.

If you have been referred for an autism evaluation, contact us today to begin the diagnostic evaluation process. Your child will first be evaluated by a Psychologist to determine what supports and services are right for your family. Then, a family mental health clinician will meet with you to determine your next steps and help you navigate care options for you and your child.

My child has already been diagnosed with Autism.

If your child has already been evaluated and received an autism diagnosis, you can talk to our care navigation team today about getting started with an ABA assessment and our family onboarding program. We will begin with an intake process to better understand your treatment needs.

My family doesn’t need ABA with Ascend, can we still access mental health services?

Yes! Our team of licensed mental health professionals specialize in working with families raising a child with autism, but also work with families on a range of general mental health topics. We can support any families who have been through our diagnostic or ABA services. Get in touch with us today to get the support you deserve!

How does ABA work?

Every action we take, every word we say and every response we give is all about behavior. When someone is diagnosed with autism, it means that these behaviors may look different or might be harder to learn without individualized support. ABA therapy is all about teaching behaviors that aid an individual in successfully communicating with others, having their needs met and leading a rich and fulfilling life as they grow.

After an assessment of your child’s development through a range of skill areas, your BCBA works with you to create goals and a treatment plan based on your child’s own learning needs, then trains your team of RBT’s to teach those skills through 1:1 therapy sessions. We take the time to get to know your child through play, consistently rewarding their hard work and going at a pace that works for your child and your family. We also break those skills up into smaller objectives to make learning fun and ensure that your child is motivated and cared for in the process. ABA is all about creating a supportive and consistent learning environment, which is why we emphasize the importance of parent training and parent participation throughout the learning process.

Why does ABA require so many hours & how do we fit them in?

Like most families, you have a busy schedule filled with lots of different activities and commitments. A typical ABA program will consist of 25-40 hours of weekly treatment, with these numbers based on a few different factors unique to your child.

ABA is a treatment that focuses on teaching a wide range of functional living skills. In any given session, your child may be working on a variety of different learning targets, spaced out throughout their day and designed to fit into their natural environment and schedule. Pairing this intensive learning with lots of time for breaks, play and rewards means that we are filling their day with learning opportunities. Building these skills takes time and while it can be an adjustment to fit so many hours of learning into your routine, the research is clear that the impact on giving your child so many hours of individualized support can yield truly life changing results. After your initial evaluation, your BCBA will recommend treatment hours based on the number of goals you want to address and how many hours of dedicated learning they feel is necessary in order to make those goals a reality. Your team and scheduling coordinator will work with you to find a treatment program that fits best into your goals, while your clinical team will assist you in determining how many goals and treatment hours are realistic.

What does a typical ABA session look like?

Our job is to work with small children, and we approach every session with that in mind! You can expect to see a lot of play and a lot of time spent following your child’s lead to ensure they are having fun. They may not always realize they are building important skills in the process! Your RBT will stay close to your child and may run short trials of learning goals, mixed in with lots of praise and rewards. Because we are also working on social behaviors and communication skills, we are here to help your child work through challenges and gain new ways to cope with their emotions and express themselves. Each RBT will be trained on how to support any behavior we see, and that learning will be shared with you during your parent training sessions with your BCBA. We begin and end each session with fun and our goal is for your child to get excited about learning time, everyday!

What mental health services does Ascend offer?

Every family is unique, and every family member deserves care when they need it most. You may be struggling with issues related to autism or find yourself in need of support about something else entirely- and we are here to help! In addition to working closely with your ABA team, your family mental health clinician is available to offer a wide range of traditional mental health services. Families are welcome to access these services at any time. These additional services are not a required part of treatment but may be recommended as part of your family’s plan of care. Your care navigator will help you get started and answer any questions you have about our other mental health.

Family Mental Health Services Available: 

  • Marital/Couples Counseling – Navigating life as a parent isn’t always easy. Our couples counseling can support you in finding the right ways to communicate, connect and focus on your relationship as you support your child’s development.
  • Adult Therapy – You are a parent, but you are a person, too! Many of our parents benefit from individualized sessions to support stress management, adjustment to change, or supporting any other challenges you encounter along the way.
  • Child & Adolescent Therapy – Our child and adolescent therapy services are targeted to address the unique experience of having a sibling on the spectrum, and we can help with any other individualized needs your other children may have.
  • Family Counseling– Families can benefit from sitting down with a licensed professional together to support communication, building connections and setting goals together.
  • Support Group – We offer a variety of virtual support groups to meet the needs of our community. Talk to your Care Navigator or family mental health clinician to learn more about our current support group offerings

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