An autism diagnosis impacts the entire family. At Ascend, we believe that every family member deserves to get the support they need. That’s why our model of autism care focuses on working with the entire family through care coordination and family support services. With us, you won’t have to walk this path alone.


Care Coordination

What parent hasn’t experienced the stress of coordinating their family’s activities? When you add in extra therapies and healthcare appointments, things can get even more hectic. At Ascend, we help take away some of that stress through care coordination. Care coordination includes: managing your Ascend schedule and appointments, providing insurance guidance and help, and crafting an individualized care plan that fits your family’s busy schedule.

Schedule Management

Managing your scheduling with Ascend starts with understanding that your life shouldn’t revolve around therapy. We take into consideration the rest of your daily activities. We are proactive about communicating with other providers, including your child’s school if necessary, because seamless communication is the key to success.

Insurance Guidance

Cost should never stand in the way of your child receiving care. That’s why we work hard to remove that obstacle for you. We focus on making evaluations and treatment affordable, so you can focus on your child’s progress.

No one likes surprise costs or fees. To ensure you are aware of your family’s options to make treatment accessible, we help you understand your insurance coverage during your initial clinical consultation. We walk you through your benefits, so you understand what your co-pays will be. You’ll understand what to expect from Ascend as well as your insurance provider.

What if you have to change your insurance plan in the middle of treatment? We’ll do everything we can to make it a smooth transition in partnership with our Insurance Specialist team. Ascend will help coordinate with your insurance partners to try to continue your services with minimal disruption. We work with them, so you can focus on your child.

Fortunately, Ascend is in-network with most major plans, including Medicaid in most of the areas where we provide services. And we keep adding partners on a regular basis. Don’t see your provider on our list? That’s okay. Let your Care Navigator know. Our Care Navigators are knowledgeable about the ins and out of the insurance world. They’ll work with you and your provider to create a solution that fits your needs. We want your family to get the most from your healthcare benefits.

Individualized Care

Your child’s care should be designed to celebrate his or her unique strengths and meet them where they are. That’s why we create a strong partnership with your child’s providers. We communicate with all parties involved, making sure everyone is on the same page.

To help you maximize your time and efforts and minimize disruptions in the care of your child, we reach out to other providers to coordinate treatment. Such collaboration ensures your treatment plan is delivered consistently across all providers and in all environments.

If other therapies do not result in progress, we can provide behavioral support to help you realize your therapy goals for your child.

You are part of your child’s treatment team. Through parent meetings, progress updates and communication with your team, your child’s treatment plan will be monitored and adapted to meet their changing needs. If any issues or concerns arise within the team, we help make adjustments to the plan and keep you informed at every step.



Family Support

Life doesn’t stop when you receive a diagnosis. However, your family may have to make some adjustments to accommodate your new reality. Working with Ascend Behavior Partners means you don’t have to do it alone; you have a full team to support you and your family.

To help guide your family through treatment and help support the needs of every family member, we offer parent training, counseling services for all members of your family, support groups, and telehealth options.

Parent Training

No one knows your child better than you, which means you are the best person to help them navigate their life circumstances. Our parent training gives you the skills and education you need to help your child be successful in adapting well to their life with the diagnosis.

We’ll answer any questions you have about your child’s diagnosis and teach you about autism spectrum disorder so that you are confident in advocating for your child. We’ll also help you master a variety of parenting skills. You will be well-equipped to deal with tough situations, whether they arise inside or outside your home.

Family and Sibling Support

Autism can impact different family members in different ways, and we know that everyone is an important part of your child’s treatment team. Our Family Support Team helps the entire family understand how they can play a positive role in your child’s treatment.

Siblings can have unique challenges of their own while offering support and social learning opportunities during treatment. We support siblings through answering their questions about the diagnosis and offer strategies and individualized supports to address their needs, whatever they might be.

If you have other members of the household who play an important role in supporting you and your child, we offer family counseling services tailored to the unique needs of your family.


Our Family Support Team also provides integrated counseling and psychological services. Your family works with a licensed counselor who specializes in helping families raising children with developmental disabilities. We offer family counseling services that are tailored to the individuals in your household, whether it’s to help you on your unique journey or to assist with a wide range of mental health needs.

Technology and Tools

Ascend keeps pace with the technologies families use so that we can provide convenient, fast support. You can get your questions answered in whatever way works best for you.

Family support services are offered via telehealth and offer flexible scheduling. We want it to be easy for you to access the resources and help you need.



Need to Talk It Through?

The wait between getting a diagnosis and starting services can be nerve-wracking. You may feel overwhelmed by the many questions that arise. It can be hard to envision what life will look like for your family. Don’t wait. Reach out to us for more information.

To find out how Ascend serves the entire family or to get help today, please visit our contact page and get in touch with us. We aren’t just your child’s therapy provider. We are here to support your child, you, and your family. We are a community you can trust.