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Diagnostic Evaluations

Take the first step with a diagnostic evaluation.
  • Make sense of the clinical diagnostic process and results
  • Feel knowledgeable about the outcome
  • Have confidence in the next steps you choose for your child

Evaluations by Leaders in Autism Testing

When you have concerns about your child’s development, you deserve a trusted partner.

As Licensed Clinical Psychologists, we specialize in child development and testing for autism and related disorders.

Our deep professional experience and clinical training means you will receive expert guidance and accurate answers to all of your questions and concerns.

Quality Evaluations

Good outcomes depend on a quality evaluation, which is why experience matters.

A quality evaluation is:

  • Precise
  • Evidence-based
  • Easy-to-understand

A quality evaluation sheds light on the best options for treatment or intervention. It allows you to be confident in making decisions about your child’s care.

You Know Your Child

Our team has evaluated thousands of children, yet no one knows your child as well as you do. That’s why we work with you to gather extensive information. We also perform evidence-based, validated tests to gather a rich set of data and gain a full picture of your child.

This combination ensures a thorough and individualized evaluation that is tailored to your child.

We recognize your child’s unique qualities and abilities.

Testing led by:

  • Licensed Child Psychologist
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) 
  • Clinical diagnostic experts

Our Diagnostic Evaluation Process

Our proven process consists of:

  • Clinical Consultation
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Results and Care Coordination

Clinical Consultation

The first step in the process is a clinical consult with one of our Care Navigators.

At this time, we learn more about your child and seek to understand your goals and priorities. Then, we explain the evaluation process in detail.

During that meeting, we also determine your insurance coverage and provide a financial consultation.

You’ll always know exactly what to expect. We make sure there are no surprise co-pays or co-insurance that you might be responsible for.

Testing and Evaluation

After the evaluation, we review the results in detail with you. We make sure you understand the data and observations that informed the diagnosis.

Our team then provides recommendations for evidence-based, proven treatment options.

These recommendations are based on your child’s unique needs. We share options that have the greatest potential to improve your child’s skills, communication, and independence.

Results and Care Coordination

The diagnostic evaluation consists of a series of validated assessments and interviews. This will provide a full picture of your child to determine if they have an autism diagnosis.

Helping Children and Families Succeed

When you have questions about your child’s development, you don’t want to wait.

Being able to quickly access guidance from a specialist in early childhood development is the most important thing. That is why our team of providers works directly with you from the beginning.

We answer your questions and empower you with knowledge.

Our passion is helping you understand your child’s strengths and areas of need. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll be able to choose the best course of action to help your child succeed at home, at school, and in life.