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Care Coordination

Seamless communication to save you time and improve care.

Care coordination includes:

  • Managing your Ascend schedule and appointments
  • Insurance guidance and help
  • Individualized care

Our Coordinators:

  • Communicate with other providers
  • Coordinate your child’s treatment across environments
  • Provide behavioral support to increase the success of other therapies

Exceptional Communication and Care Coordination

Creating a strong partnership between your child’s providers is essential. Good communication is the key to a quality experience, but we know your time is limited and valuable. It can be hard to keep everyone informed and on the same page.

That’s why, at Ascend Behavior Partners, we do the work for you.

Our care coordinators proactively communicate with your child’s entire team. We work with other therapy providers but also with your child’s school.

This bridge-building creates an aligned treatment plan across environments.

If any issues or concerns arise among the team, we help make adjustments to the plan. And we share regular updates on your child’s progress and growth.

If needed, we also provide behavioral support for other treatments. We want all your child’s therapies to be as effective as possible.