ABA Therapy

Proven treatment for children diagnosed with autism

In-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

aba-therapy-autismABA is a proven treatment for children diagnosed with autism, with more data and validated studies than any other treatment. It builds on the principles of behavior to reinforce communication and new skills that enable safe, positive, and productive interactions with the world around them. Endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other leading medical institutions, it is the standard of care for children with autism.

Advantages of In-home ABA Therapy

Our in-home ABA services offer proven and effective treatment with all the benefits of therapy in your child’s natural environment:

  • Improved generalization of new skills
  • Ready access to your child’s therapist and ability to observe sessions
  • More frequent and effective parent/family training opportunities
  • Convenience and coordination with your family’s schedules and routines

What to Expect

At Ascend Behavior Partners, our clinical team includes licensed child psychologists and board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs). We collaborate to ensure that your child has the most appropriate treatment plan. Our home ABA Therapy team partners with your family and care providers to track progress toward developmental milestones and skill goals.

This multidisciplinary team approach means that you benefit from our deep expertise in childhood development and behavior, a team that understands the big picture of your child’s and family’s goals, and the convenience of fewer providers to coordinate so you can focus your valuable time on supporting your child and your family.

Your child’s dedicated care team is lead by a BCBA with an average of 10+ years of experience in the field. This level of experience has been shown to result in 40% more effective learning in children with autism.  Your BCBA brings deep expertise and partners with you to teach your child new skills, coordinate care with your child’s other providers and school, and provide training and education to you and your family on how to support your child’s learning to increase everyone’s independence.

In addition to your clinical team, your dedicated support team takes care of all scheduling for treatment, coordinates with your other providers, and provides full insurance support to help make treatment affordable and a smooth overall experience.

To learn more about the life-changing potential of in-home ABA for your child, please contact us for a complimentary clinical consultation.