Important Information about Colorado Medicaid Plans: Learn how to manage the Colorado Medicaid PEAK portal and benefits.
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Colorado Medicaid Plans: Managing Colorado Medicaid Portal and Benefits

With our mission of Building Strong Foundations, we need your partnership! As many of you know or have heard, Colorado Medicaid is moving children who currently have Medicaid to an alternative plan called CHP/CHP+ on or around the child’s birthday. The CHP/CHP+ plan does not have any coverage for ABA or related services. This means if your child is currently enrolled in treatment with us, his/her services could stop.

In order to prevent the loss of your child’s Medicaid plan and ABA services, we are asking ALL parents to ensure consistent monitoring on the Medicaid PEAK Portal.

Please see the link below showing how to navigate the Medicaid PEAK portal. 

We believe that collaboration leads to the best outcomes, so please register or log into the portal as soon as possible to prevent any delays or pauses in treatment. If you have additional questions we are here to support, however, we have also included two contact resources on the attached document.

Managing Colorado Medicaid Portal and Benefits