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Our DNA at Ascend

The Ascend way.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to reducing the average age of autism diagnosis to under 2 in the communities we serve.

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Our Mission:

We partner with families living with autism to build a strong foundation for their children in early childhood and beyond.

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At Ascend We Believe:

When one person has special needs, the whole family has special needs. You are the most important person in your child’s care. You are the expert on your child; we are experts in ABA. As your partners, our role is to empower you by teaching ways to interact with your child and shape his or her behavior. By helping your child learn and practice key life skills, we can improve the quality of life for your family.

Our Team’s Values

  • Fun
  • Ownership
  • Innovation
  • Partnership
  • Compassion
  • Quality Experience

At Ascend, we share a firm commitment to living our core values. These values form the guiding principles for our company. But more importantly, they define our culture. Our core values provide you with a consistent experience of care.

Unlike staff at most other organizations, our clinical team has low caseloads, which means more time with each child and each child’s family. Not only does this benefit you, it also encourages work-life balance for our providers and helps prevent burn out – a common issue in healthcare. Happy clinicians provide enjoyable experiences for their clients and colleagues.

At Ascend, we also value ownership at every level. We hold our clinicians fully accountable to maintain a high bar of excellence for our clients. Our leadership makes sure they have the best possible training to be effective providers.

During COVID-19, we’ve invested significant amounts of time and money in cutting-edge safety protocols and protective equipment to safeguard both our families and clinicians. For us, your health and safety is non-negotiable. And so is your peace of mind.

The fact that we value partnership is key to our success. No one should feel they are working in isolation – families nor clinicians. At Ascend, we find opportunities to build community, both in-person and virtually, so that our team doesn’t operate alone or without support. We also treat our families as partners, not just a number on a chart.

Some organizations are afraid of change, but at Ascend, we embrace innovation. We look for creative ways to improve your experience. We use advanced technology to deliver our services. These innovations create more collaboration between our clients and staff. We’ve seen how innovative communication options improve outcomes.

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