Parent and Family Support

One-on-one training and support for you and your family

Parents as Partners

As a parent, you are the most important Partner in your child’s care. Through a supportive and collaborative relationship with you, we tailor treatment your child’s needs and your family’s goals and then work together to achieve them.

Creating a Care Plan

aba-therapy-parent-trainingYour role begins with the creation of the care plan.  We listen to your goals and priorities and take a team approach to designing a care plan that will meet you needs and maximize your family’s quality of life.

Your role continues after implementation of the care plan and as your child gains new skills.  Through frequent consultation with your BCBA, your observations and feedback help shape your child’s treatment to ensure on-going and consistent progress.


Parent Training

Additionally, we partner with you to equip you and your family with new skills so you can confidently and positively support your child with new behaviors outside of therapy sessions.  Our goal is for this training to be pertinent and helpful to you.  We provide you with evidence-based behavioral skills training that you are able to apply immediately to help your child generalize and maintain new, positive behaviors and let you see improvements in your quality of life right away.



We also utilize technology to make it easy to access the resources and help you need, when you need it.  Your care team readily available through email, phone, or video to provide support and answer questions as they arise.  We provide you with tools to easily collect data and also make treatment data easy to access so you can track progress and stay informed.  We also make it possible to remotely observe your child’s session if you are not able to be present.

Please contact us to learn more about how we Partner with you in delivering the treatment plan and helping your child succeed.