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A Message to Our Broader Ascend Community

Continued support and services amid COVID-19

We are so thankful for the strength that our Ascend Partners and families have shown in the past week.  COVID-19 challenges are real. We serve children and families living with autism, and their need for consistency is more important now than ever.

That’s why our Partners (employees) continue to provide home-based ABA treatment like the Super Heroes we know they are: helping our clients build skills, teaching our families and providing stability.

Our number one priority is to protect our clients and our Partners as they deliver medically necessary treatment.  We are closely monitoring CDC, BACB, and local/state guidelines and we’ve implemented the following additional safety protocols per our Ascend COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Playbook:

  • One RBT staffed with one family
  • BCBA’s conduct supervision overlaps and parent training will take place via HIPAA-compliant telehealth
  • Enhanced treatment area disinfection protocols
  • Daily health screenings for our Partners and clients’ families following CDC guidelines
  • Contact tracing for Partners to pre-identify exposure concerns

Since our founding we’ve been committed to the home as the child’s natural environment:  it’s where a child puts newly learned skills and behaviors to immediate use. The home is also where parents can most effectively learn those skills.  We know that the home is also the safest environment for treatment delivery, so we continue to follow our standard treatment safety protocols around hygiene and canceling sessions when a client or Partner is sick.

We’ve seen scary things in the past two weeks that we would not have expected to see in our lifetimes.  We’ve also seen #OurAscendCommunity grow stronger and demonstrate a resilience that humbles us to our core.  We are so thankful and proud to call ourselves Ascend Partners.

Please reach out anytime with questions.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected.


In Partnership,
Jonathan Mueller and Will Boenig
Co-Founders and Co-CEOs

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